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You are eligible to become a member of DNL if you are a dietitian, dietetic student,

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Personal membership information collected, such as names and emails,  is confidential and will not be shared with any outside groups, organizations, or people without the consent of the member. It will be stored in the DNL Mailchimp account and only those who are involved directly with DNL communications will have access to this information. 

DNL will only share information that we deem credible and useful to members

Guidelines for acceptable correspondence/information that the DNL executive will share with its membership include:

- Evidence-based articles and resources relevant to all things nutrition;

- Listings of nutrition/dietetic education events, workshops, seminars, or training;

- Requests from academic institutions for nutrition-related research, where applicable.

Ultimately, the DNL executive chooses what information is disseminated to its membership, and in general, we will not share solicitation-type emails or private business advertisements.  We welcome feedback on any emails sent that members feel are not appropriate or relevant.